MCD is the World aftermarket leader in the production and supply of gaskets and plates for plate heat exchangers. We have a comprehensive range of top-quality products to meet your strictest requirements.

Our ever-expanding range of world-famous gaskets and plates are produced using the best technologies on the market, guaranteeing you quality, performance and responsiveness.

Today, 45 years of elastomer technology experience combined with an innovative spirit and a wealth of human and technical resources enables us to produce two million gaskets per year with a scope of nearly 1,000 references.

MCD also provides one of the widest ranges of heat exchanger plates on the market, with over 200 references.We supply OEM-quality joints and plates for almost all brands of plate heat exchangers:

AGC, Alfa Laval, API Schmidt-Bretten, Arsopi, Barriquand, Ciat, Cipriani, Fischer, Hisaka, Kelvion, , Sondex, SPX, Tetra Pak, Tranter, Vicarb, Thermowave, Funke…

We provide you with ever more expertise, quality and safety by inspecting our products every step of the way. You get the best service, along with full traceability for the entire manufacturing process. All of our operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our production facility is ISO 14001:2015 certified.

In addition, our R&D department is focused on improving, developing and innovating to offer you the highest quality elastomers and gaskets with the longest possible product life. Perfecting our products and processes for you is a never-ending business. Today, MCD is active in over 90 countries. Our global sales and logistics organization guarantees you a fast response, wherever you are.

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